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Dr. Carolyn Bowers, PT, DPT


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I carefully observe and support  my clients where they need the most support. I use a unique approach to treating chronic pain with  Neuromuscular Re-education techniques by integrating  foot  physical therapy with rehabilitation techniques  to touch your 'Sole'.  I created the 'Sole of the Matter' to help my clients move with new energy and vitality.  I provide a wholistic  approach by integrating my skill set as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Biofield Tuner, and Reiki Practitioner and  a lifelong student of Reflexology.


My mission is to help support you to release pain, regain function, and improve your overall vitality of life through touching your 'Sole".

 Call today and learn more about my unique approach with foot physical therapy to get your feet  unstuck and get you moving again .

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The 'Sole of the Matter'
Where Foot Physical Therapy manifest by touching your 'Sole'

We are excited to announce the 'Sole of the Matter' program. Physical Therapy for the feet to increase   circulation, sensory awareness, relaxation  allowing  a decrease in pain, an increase in stability and functional mobility.

As a  traveling Physical Therapist,  she works with clients suffering from neuropathic pain and loss of function  due  to Diabetes , Cancer treatments ,  Strokes  and  more. If the feet are stuck, then we are stuck too.  Let Dr. Bowers, PT,  DPT  help you get moving again by touching your 'Sole' (pun intended) with her unique approach to physical therapy for the feet  to get you unstuck and  moving better.

 Please don't hesitate to schedule with,  Carolyn Bowers, PT, DPT for a  session, where  the Sole of the Matter, Foot physical therapy can help you  release, reset and reconnect your  health and well-being. She will  get you onto her schedule, as soon as possible. 





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Invite Dr. Carolyn Bowers, PT, DPT to share how she is  integrating the "Sole of the Matter' into her Rehabilitation Techniques.

Dr. Carolyn Bowers, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 35 years experience in the field of Physical Therapy, starting with  National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C. to  presently Atrium Health, a level I Trauma Center, Teaching Hospital in Charlotte N.C. along with her private practice, Boss Physical Therapy, LLC.


Dr Bowers grew up in the city of  Austin, Texas, where she always thought outside the box from a young age. As she would say, “I was definitely not a cookie, cutter, thinker”.  As a young teen-aged girl in Austin her first book she purchased was on Reflexology.


She has always been a manifesting generator, as a well established Physical Therapist, she pursued and completed her post-Doctorate in Physical Therapy and didn’t stop there. She has received her certification as an Advanced Movement Specialist,  a Reiki Level I,  II  and Master as well as training in  Reflexology. As a traveling Physical Therapist it allows her opprotunity touch the 'Sole" of all of her clients to optimize their functional mobility when needed.


Dr. Bowers created the 'Sole of the Matter', out of her love for a  wholistic Physical Therapy approach to support healing and mobility.  Her strong intuitive ability has enhanced how she practices. When she blends her intuition,  with her unique approach she and her client’s minds have literally been blown by the speed of recovery and the results such as,  pain reduction, increased relaxation and increased function mobility/stability.


She believes what she does can help everyone that is open to a wholistic approach to Physical Rehabilitation including  traumatic/non– traumatic  clients...and more.  The 'Sole of the Matter' was created to benefit everyone. When she treated in the acute hospital setting, the patients often ask will the therapist at the Acute Rehabilitation Centers know how to do what she is doing,  and the answer has been no. To change that answer to a YES, she is expanding her work to include lecturing and teaching her unique approach. She is in the process of creating the Course, Sole of the Matter, teaching therapists how to integrate her unique approach within their treatments to allow it to expand throughout the rehabilitation Community.

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BOSS Physical Therapy LLC

Dr. Carolyn Bowers, PT, DPT​ accepts:

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Payment is made when appointment is scheduled.

***Clients must Cancel 24 hours before appointment to receive a refund, if cancellation is less than 24 hours client will not receive a refund.​

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