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Blood Type and Covid-19 Research

What type are you? A, B, AB or O?

I am O+ and based on recent research that could be what is allowing me to treat patients and not become ill as easily as others have from exposure to Covid-19. Of course I practice all the PPE guidelines when I am working and it is absolutely protecting me from exposure, but I go to the grocery store and shop just like everyone else. I wear a mask, wash and sanitize my hands often but not everyone in public is practicing the same standards.

So here is the down low on the latest research on blood types. Two studies were published in the Journal of Blood Advances and one in the New England Journal of Medicine. It appears Blood type 'O' patient's are less susceptible to Covid-19 or the severity of covid-19 if contracted. They are less likely to go on a ventilator based on the studies in the CNN article (CNN, 2020). What could be making the difference in blood types? The article states these possibilities, decreased Clotting factor in Type O's, blood antigens influencing the infection fighting antibodies, or a gene impact on blood types and immune systems, who knows?

Well, researchers will know sooner rather than later, according to Dr. Amesh Adalija, senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security in Baltimore Maryland, all the studies are pointing in the direction that blood type can influence susceptibility and severity of Covid-19, however more research is needed to confirm the findings definitively, but he is very encouraged by these overlapping results in the three studies. (CNN, 2020) Check out the link below for more detail.

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